Evolving ERP For Your Dynamic Business

Partnership for Success

Successful ERP implementations don’t just happen.  It takes more than just installing some software…a LOT more!  A successful ERP implementation adapts the software capabilities to meet the needs of your business, and continues the adaptation as your business evolves to meet changing requirements and new opportunities.  Most companies can’t do that themselves.  To be successful, you need to work with the right partner. Who is the right software partner for your business?

The right software partner for your business:

  • understands your business, your industry, and your processes,
  • is focused on your ERP software,
  • is able to provide the services you need when you need them,
  • and is committed to the long-term success of your ERP implementation and your business.


Many companies have found ITeM to be the right partner

  • 25+ years of experience in Public Accounting and business tech.
  • Works only with Dynamics SL.
  • Flexible approach tailored to your needs.
  • Builds long-term relationships with clients lasting 10+ years and more.
Make the switch to Socius-ITeM

Are you working with the wrong partner? Looking for a change? If your current software partner is no longer meeting your needs, or if you are currently not being served by a software partner, you can choose to change to a partner that has more to offer you. If you are considering making that switch, we hope that you will consider switching to Socius-ITeM.

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Harness the power of the platform

Is your business outgrowing QuickBooks?  Are you compensating for the lack of features with spreadsheets and other cumbersome workarounds?  Approaching the limits on database size?  Don’t let your ERP system limit the growth and success of your business.  Microsoft Dynamics SL is an adaptable, feature-rich ERP platform for evolving, dynamic businesses.  ITeM specializes in helping small- to mid-sized businesses to harness the power of the platform, removing barriers from business growth today and in the future.

Leverage the platform to meet changing needs

Your business is dynamic…it is changing constantly with the world around us.  New rules.  New regulations.  New opportunities.  New technology.  New needs.  Is your ERP system keeping pace with the changes?  Or is it an anchor that keeps you from moving forward?  Microsoft Dynamics SL is an adaptable, forward-looking ERP platform for evolving, dynamic businesses.  ITeM specializes in helping businesses just like yours to leverage that platform to meet your changing needs, both today and in the future.

What makes ITEM different?

Mike Lee, CPA Mike Lee, CPA

I build long-term relationships with small- to mid-sized businesses by helping them to adapt Microsoft Dynamics SL to their evolving needs. Leveraging my many years of experience in Public Accounting and accounting systems, I gain a deep understanding of my clients and their needs. Recognizing that every business and business owner is uniquely different, I develop a tailored approach to help each client to best leverage the tools available to them today, and to understand, evaluate, and plan for the future.